Update 05/04/2017

Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia in the High Court: what is a “serious violation of international humanitarian law”?


  • An intersting consideration of the various arguments advanced
  • Is the UK government’s interpretation of “serious violation” too narrow?

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Age of “America First”


The Consequence of the UN Resolution on Israeli Settlements for the EU:  Stop Trade with Settlements


  • Does the EU have an obligation to end trade with Israeli settlements based on the duties of non-recognition and non-assistance?

The Past, Present and Future of International Law: A Critical Third World Appproach – By Prof. B S Chimni 


  • “Expand your canvas and always read around the theme that you’re engaging with, because these are the occasions to actually learn about the subject. It’s not about winning or losing, but about enlarging your knowledge about a particular subject.” ~ Prof. B.S. Chimni, Chairperson, International Legal Studies, JNU. -Not related to the article but great quote

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